• REBS Oil-Air Lubrication for Bearing Application

REBS Oil-Air Lubrication for Bearing Application


As the picture shown, the features of oil-air lubrication used on roller mill bearings.

  1. load and size are relatively large.
  2. There are multiple friction areas because of the tandem bearings, and the seals on the roll neck also need to be lubricated.
  3. Lubrication should be offered in a fast and permeable way, and besides the second distribution of lubrication works in the bearing housing.
  4. The emulsion will invade the bearing housing and then damage bearings.
  5. The roller must be replaced after 1 ~ 2 curses of millingdue to technical requirements.

The REBS oil-air lubrication system used for roller mill bearings gets the following benefits:

  1. Bearing life is longer than the other lubrication ways to improve 3 to 6 times. That significantly reduces the cost of bearing and spare parts.
  2. The lubricant consumption is only 1/5 ~ 1 / XX of other lubrication methods.
  3. The compressed air in the bearing maintains positive pressure, which is able to effectively prevent foreign debris, especially the emulsion into the bearing housing to damage bearing.
  4. The perfect monitoring system could avoid bearing running without lubricating.
  5. It won’t pollute the environment, and won’t affect the emulsion and emulsion system comparing to using other lubrication ways, that brings a serious effect.
    That even shorten the replacement cycle of the emulsified liquid when using other lubrication methods.


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