• INPRO 非接觸型迷宮油封

INPRO 非接觸型迷宮油封


Product Introduction:

VBXX®-D Bearing Isolator

 INPRO / SEAL bearing isolator is a moisture-proof non-contact type labyrinth seal. It consists of a rotor and a stator, and the two components are fixed by a moisture barrier ring in combination. There is no friction during operation.

 1) It also gives the bearing the original design life

 2) It makes pump brave for three years warranty

 3) It makes motors dare to foreign warranty for five years

To permanently protect against contamination ingress and lubrication loss in oil-lubricated applications, Inpro/Seal sets the standard in Bearing Isolator technology, with the VBXX-D bearing Isolator.

The VBXX-D Bearing Isolator utilizes multiple features to ensure effective and permanent bearing protection. The unique stator/rotor design of the XX Interface blocks contaminants from entering the bearing housing. The D Groove protects against oil loss by capturing oil on the shaft and returning it to the bearing housing. The VBX® Ring inhibits the transfer of vapor contamination created by the heating/cooling of the bearing enclosure.

The VBXX-D Bearing Isolator can be custom engineered to meet the requirements of your application and operating environment.


 1.   Non-contact type - no friction, no wear, do not hurt the axis, does not heat and does not consume energy.

 2.   Labyrinth Structure - Ability to return the lubricant to be spilled into the bearing housing and drain the foreign material to be infiltrated.

3.   Water and gas barrier - While the equipment works in the cycle of operation and stop,it could prevent the bearing box from inhaling water and vapor due to expansion and contraction.

4.   Flexible specifications - no standard specifications, according to the actual size of the user design.

5.   Rapid delivery - ordinary size seven working days delivery.

6.   Infinite Life - The continuous working life of 7 to 15 years is not long for Inpro / Seal.



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