dMT Ecotech Protective Coating




dMT - SPC® products are ideal for reducing wear and flaking on wheels / rollers and rails on cranes, whether in-door types or large, out-door industrial or port cranes, and on all other wheel / rail type conveying systems (especially AS/RS stacker cranes in warehouses) and production machinery. SPC® products can also be applied successfully in wet environments.

SPC® blocks apply and maintain a thin protective coating on the surfaces of wheels / rollers or rails. This coating, applied to one surface, transfers to any other surface coming into contact with the coated one. The coating is continually consumed but just as quickly replaced by the blocks set in spring-loaded applicators, pressing a fresh, dry coating onto the metal surface each time they pass over the metal surface. Therefore, the wear-down and flaking of the costly metal surfaces of valuable machinery is substantially reduced and high cost-savings are the beneficial result.


     Warehousing industry

     Gypsum plant

     Cement plant

     Wheels & Rails system

     Crane and other mechanical tracks


      Wear Reduce

      Constant coefficient of friction

      Dry coating

      Non-Graphite , Oil , Grease

      Environmentally Safe

      Maintenance-free, Easy to install

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