• JAURE Couplings

JAURE Couplings

Jaure MT Marine Gear Couplings

Jaure has over 30 years of technical experience in supplying custom made couplings for the marine industry.

Jaure® MT Gear Couplings

The Jaure MT gear coupling is a steel double-jointed coupling that accommodates the misalignment through the sliding of the mating gears. The coupling is torsionally stiff.

Jaure® RECORD Grid Couplings

This coupling is made up by two discs that get wider towards the coupling’s centre. Also, they have carved slots for the spring or the flexible element. The spring is maintained and protected by a metallic crankcase full of special grease.

Jaure® LAMIDISC® Disc Couplings

Jaure LAMIDISC® disc couplings provide a reliable transmission of mechanical power from driving to driven machines.
They provide compensation for axial, angular and radial misalignment.

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