• Browning Belt Drive

Browning Belt Drive

Browning FHP Sheaves

Browning’s quality FHP sheaves are offered in both finished bore and bushed style offerings. Bushing Bore ranges from 3/8” to 1 1/2”.

Browning FHP Variable Pitch Sheaves

Browning Variable Pitch design offers pitch diameter ranges 3.4 - 8.5” to 25 HP. Unique manufacturing design ensures precise adjustability, balance and unmatched performance.

Browning Gearbelt® Pulley Drives

In addition to an extensive belt drive line, Browning® now offers two synchronous belt drive offerings.

Browning HPT® Belt Drives

Ideal for mid-range torque applications, optimized with the use of flush mounted Taper-Lock bushings.

Browning HPT® Chain Drives

Ideal for high performance torque application. Optimized with the use of flush mounted Taper-Lock bushings.

Browning Multi-Groove Sheaves

Browning offers an extensive multi-groove sheave offering. This includes BROWNING SPLIT TAPER® and Q-D® bushing designs. This means maximum economy and versatility for your application.

Browning Multiple Groove Variable Pitch Sheaves

MVP® multiple groove sheaves are available up to 5 grooves. They are offered in a range of pitch diameters from 3.4-17.2”. They are manufactured for multiple belt drives up to 300 HP.

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