Metastream T Series Metallic Membrane Couplings

Metastream T Series metallic membrane couplings, incorporate scalloped, stainless-steel, flexible membranes. This design gives the most flexible solution for high-torque and misalignment conditions. The range of TSK/TSC has been specifically designed to meet the exacting standards of API 610 (ISO 13709) and ISO 14691. With an excellent power to weight ratio and fit-and-forget reliability, the TSK/TSC coupling is ideally suited to meet the pumping, motor, and turbine drive power transmission in oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, and other critical process industries.

M Series
Diaphragm Membrane Coupling With Stainless Steel Discs

M Series coupling range is particularly suited for electric motor and turbine drives in the oil and gas industry. Torque is normally transmitted through two sets of pre-assembled membrane units, separated by a spacer element. The coupling provides a good level of angular, lateral and axial misalignment, while maintaining a high level of balance integrity.

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